Stretching, Jumping, and the Stretch Shortening Cycle

Stretching has become a routine part of almost all athletes’ pre-training warm up to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury (Perrier et al., 2011; Young and Behm, 2003). The believed benefits of stretching are thought to be achieved by increasing muscle temperature, increasing neural activation, and reducing musculotendinous stiffness (Young and Behm, 2003). […]

[Via Athletic Lab] Mechanics of Forefoot Running by Gaby Smith

This content was originally posted on [This is a guest blog by Gaby Smith. Gaby Smith completed her MS in Exercise Science at Northeastern University and is participating in the Athletic Lab Mentorship Program. Gaby is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and holds certifications with U.S. Soccer, USAW, and USTFCCCA.] Today’s market is full of many different […]

[Via Athletic Lab] Can Isometric Training Increase Strength? by Gaby Smith

This content was originally posted on Without a doubt, strength training will improve strength. Resistance training adaptations include increased muscle mass, tendon quality, strength, power, range of motion, and improved voluntary activation (Oranchuk et al., 2019). Dynamic movements that incorporate the stretch-shortening cycle make up the majority of most strength training programs; however, isometric training also […]

[Via Athletic Lab] Obesity and COVID-19: A Deadly Combination by Gaby Smith

This content was originally posted on The United States has inarguably been one the hardest hit countries in the world by COVID-19. While the reasons for this is undoubtedly multi-factorial, an often overlooked confounding issue is the state of our nationwide health. In this guest post, Gaby Smith presents the compelling science on why COVID-19 and […]


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